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Solar Wire Frog with Effect Garden Decoration, Green

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SOLAR POWERED FROG – This solar powered garden ornament is the perfect decoration for outdoor spaces including flower beds, patios, lawns, decking and many more.
DECORATIVE ILLUMINATION – This light up frog has 62 micro warm white LED lights attached to its body and projects an enchanting glow once the sun sets in the evening.
‘AUTO ON' FUNCTIONALITY - This unique garden ornament has a built-in solar panel that stores energy in the day and converts this to light at night. The lights sense when the daylight is fading and automatically turn on in the evening.
4D MOVING EFFECT – This solar powered light up frog has a spring-based body which neatly sways in the wind and gives the sense of movement when placed outdoors.
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GardenKraft 14990 Solar Wire Frog with Effect Garden Decoration, Green Description
Frog Garden Decoration | Includes 62 LED Lights | Solar Powered | Exciting Moving Effect

Brighten up your garden with this adorable wire frog which will add so much fun to your home! This perfect decoration can be easily placed among your flowers and borders to add a touch of nature and a warm glow in the evenings. Included in the frog are 62 warm white LED lights which create a magical glow to the surroundings and as they are powered by solar, you don't have to worry about trailing wires or replacing the batteries. The metal spirals placed around the ornament hold panels which absorb sunlight during the during and then illuminate when it is dark at night.