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Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Party Lights Mics LED Light Speaker Songs MP3

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  • WICKED GIZMOS PORTABLE KARAOKE MACHINE - Modern, portable and packed full of comprehensive features like LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity and vocal suppression on music playback, channel your inner pop star and become a karaoke aficionado with this complete sing-along package which includes a microphone
  • COMPACT AND FUN - The all-in-one system has a powerful speaker and show-stopping LED light to the front, along with a comprehensive control panel for the reverb effects and light
  • MICROPHONE INCLUDED - The included wired microphone with ON/OFF switch can be stored in the side holder, ready to rock, and volume, echo and reverb can be controlled from the front panel
  • AUTOMATIC VOICE CONTROL - A key feature of our karaoke box is the “Automatic Voice Control” integration, which will automatically suppress the pre-recorded vocals to highlight the karaoke singer's voice, so that they're not drowned out by the recording
  • AUDIO IN AND OUT - As well as taking a variety of inputs, connect to online sources like YouTube or other Karaoke apps via Bluetooth and use your tablet or phone to display lyrics

Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Party Lights Mics LED Light Speaker Songs MP3 Description


Karaoke, from the Japanese for "empty orchestra", became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1990s and maintains its popularity to this day.

The WICKED GIZMOS KARAOKE MACHINE brings the pub and club favourite to the home, and features a high quality speaker which can push audio to the far corners of the room with ease. We've also added multi-colour LED lights to bring the party to life, automatic vocal suppression to let your singing be highlighted in the mix as well a echo and reverb effects to enhance the performance. The highly portable speaker features a built-in rechargeable battery and charging cable, so you can take the party with you whether it's a small group in a home or a big outdoor event, while the machine is fully Bluetooth compatible so you can connect your smartphones, iPods, mp3 players, home hi-fi and just about any other audio source in quickly and simply.


An output function allows you to connect to a home stereo or amplifier for a larger sound.