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Large Realistic Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent Full Bodied Bird Of Prey

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  • HIGHLY REALISTIC DETERRANT - life-like bird of prey shaped deterrent repels bird pests such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from roosting and nesting in outdoor, garden areas. Can Also Be Used As A Garden Decoration.
  • PEST CONTROL - Humane falcon bird scarer has natural colouring and life-like features to ensure effectiveness against garden bird pests; safe for use around children and pets
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Flambeau hard plastic These Repellers Will Last Against The Elements And Last For Years To Come.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS - One or two falcons should protect a small garden; install before seeding or fruit ripening for efficient results; move decoy deterrent from time to time to prevent birds and pests getting used to them
  • DIMENSIONS - These Realistic Falcon Deterrents Measures approx 14" high.

Large Realistic Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent Full Bodied Bird Of Prey Description

FALCON PEST DETERRENT GARDEN LAWN POND BIRD CAT SCARER DECOY DECORATIVE HAWK 102 Features & Specification: The Falcon Predator is a threatening Visual Deterrent that will certainly put the fear into birds. These birds hunt by day and feast off small birds, rodents and pretty much anything that moves. They are the King of predatory birds. Deters birds from balconies, gardens, barns, porches, and anywhere you have a problem. These Falcon Bird Scarers can even be used to repel rats & mice!  This Ornamental, Decorative Falcon Deterrent Bird Scarer Can Be Placed In The Garden Or Outdoor Area Where Feral Birds Have Built Nests Or Are Just Being A Nuisance. The Decoy Can Be Filled With Sand Or Can Be Put on A Stick Which Is Fixed In The Ground can be used near fish ponds,fruit trees, warehouses and garden. Life Like Eyes And Colouring For Maximum Impact. Durable Construction With Integral Base-Stand Included. You must change the location of the bird from time to time. Birds are smarter than you think. Don't hang the Falcon, make sure you leave it on a post or fixed spot and change its location every few weeks for best results. Dimensions: Height: (36cm) Breadth:(18cm)