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Ceiling Light with Smart Alexa WiFi Ceiling Lamp 36W, LED Ceiling Light Dimmable Multi Colour with Bluetooth-Speakers,Remote Control,Compatible w

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Ceiling Light with Smart Alexa WiFi Ceiling Lamp 36W, LED Ceiling Light Dimmable Multi Colour with Bluetooth-Speakers,Remote Control,Compatible w Description

Note:Please purchase from TPLAU store,TPLAU store.,TPLAU store.,TPLAU store. We have Professional after-sales team for you. ELINKUME LED ceiling light compatible with Alexa. With Bluetooth speaker and dimmable multiple color change function suitable for children's room, living room, bedroom, dining room. Technical specifications: Style Name: alxea ceiling light Power: 36W WIFI type: works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (does not support 5GHz wifi). Material: Aluminum & Acrylic Speaker power: 3W Light color: from cool white to warm white + RGB (3000K-6500K) Is dimmable: Yes Brightness: 1% / 30% / 50% / 70% / 100% Lumen: 2800LM Control: Smartphone APP,Remote or alexa Bulb type: LED Note: You need to prepare alexa for this light. The package is not included alexa. Work with Alexa for voice control.You can control the lights in your home with your voice. Turn your lights on/off, dim, change colors and more. All you have to do is ask. The multicolour and brightness dimmable (2700-6500K) can be changed by the smartphone app and the remote control. You can use the smartphone App or ALEXA to change RGB colour. Various color changes provide a visual pleasure. Built-in Bluetooth speaker inside of LED ceiling light fixture.You just link the APP bluetooth of your smartphone.Then you can enjoy your favorite music melodies and stories via this light.Let your family member to relax their mood and enjoy an audio feast. Beautiful pattern lampshade. Opening this lamp, you can enjoy a fancy and beautiful light with your family member at home. Alexa ceiling light fits for 10-20 square meter.Suitable for kid's room, bedroom, living room or any where you want to light. Step 1: Search the keyword "Tuya Smart" in App store or Google Play to download the App. Step 2: Open the APP and Set up your Tuya Smart account. Add Device>Lighting devices and confirm the device in the App. Step 3: Switch on the light and ensure your mobile device's Wi-Fi is turned on and is connected to your home Wi-Fi Network. Note:2.4 GHz b/g/n networks are compatible,5 GHz net works are not compatible. Step 4: Tap the add icon "+" in the top right and select "Lighting" and "Lighting Wi-Fi". Step 5: Select "AP Mode" in the top right. Step 6: Press the remote controls Wifi button for 3 seconds, the light will blinks this time. Step 7: Enter your home's wifi in this step. Step 8: Then connect the phones wifi to the device's hotspot,back to the App and continue to add devices. Step 9: Once the light was initialized successfully , you will be able to quickly control it within the APP or using Alexa,you can also share it with your family and name it whatever you want , the name will be used for voice control.

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