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4-Tier LED Garden Water Feature | Garden Fountain With LED Lights

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Decorate your garden with a light-up fountain made from weatherproof polyresin
Add a wonderful ambience to your home or outside space
This decorative fountain is self-contained & requires no plumbing
White LED lights create soft, sparkling light reflections through the water
A great addition to your garden, balcony, lounge or home office
GEEZY 4-Tier LED Garden Water Feature | Garden Fountain With LED Lights Description
Shed some light over your outside or indoor space with a charming 4-Tier LED Garden Water Feature. Perfect for any garden, balcony or patio, the white LED lights and pleasant trickling sounds of the water transform your space into a peaceful retreat away from the rush of modern life. Set up your garden fountain anywhere in your home, garden or balcony to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere - perfect for helping you relax, meditate or get into the yoga mindset. 
The four tiers of this fountain create a soft trickling sound while the white LED lights send reflections dancing around the room, providing a peaceful atmosphere. Set up in a quiet spot in your garden and watch as the birds and butterflies flock to it to bathe and drink from the water.
No outdoor space? No problem! This small fountain can also be used inside to create a soothing ambience and a calming atmosphere in a living room or study. Fully self-contained, your garden fountain does not need to be connected to the plumbing and comes with all the parts needed to get it set up. Simply plug it in using the provided five-metre power cord and fill with water before turning it in and letting the water pump through - very soon your fountain will be up and running and helping to reduce stress. Grab it as a wonderful addition to your home or give it as a gift to anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.
Manufacturer's Description:
Freestanding Polyresin Water Fountain with LED Lights
Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use
Adding a water fountain is a wonderful way to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in your garden or inside your home.  
The sound and sight of trickling water is naturally soothing and water fountains can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings to help induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. There are various types of fountains, from elegant stone structures designed to be focal points of a garden, to decorative fountains perfect for a study or living room.
Our modern fountains are self-contained and easy to set up, with no plumbing required. They run on an electrical pump, which has the benefit of no running costs. 
They not only look lovely in a garden, but are good for attracting wildlife, including birds and butterflies that will be drawn to the water, making a stunning centerpiece on any garden or patio wall.  

  They are ideal for helping to drown out the noise of traffic by producing a gentle trickling sound, transforming your backyard into a peaceful retreat from the rush of modern life.

Having a water fountain indoors is great for creating a calming ambiance and easing stress. The moving water also acts as a natural humidifier and helps combat air pollution by releasing negative ions.

An indoor fountain is an excellent accessory for a home office or study, or can look stunning as a unique ornament on a mantelpiece or bookshelf in the living room.

Garden and Indoor water fountains make great gifts, or alternatively you could treat yourself to one and add a special touch to your garden design or interior décor.

They feature white LED lights that make it very attractive at night. Water flows from the top bowls to the bottom bowl. 

Main Features:
Electric powered with a line cord /5 m/.
Pump, LED lights included.
Durable polyresin construction.
Output: 220 - 240 V.
4 Tier Fountain:

Dimensions: L 23.2 x W 23.2 x H 53 cm